Our Mission: 

To bring original, exclusive designs to everyday streetwear fashions. To help you stand apart from others and celebrate your love of exciting creations. It's all about giving people that originality in their wears so you will stand out from the crowd.

Clothing will be updated periodically, so make sure you get your favourite print before its replaced with a new design! This quality and originality can give you a voice in a world where everyone can look the same.

Everything is handled by Prodigi print on demand, who have printing factories all over the World to help keep those pesky shipping costs down for you! So hopefully wherever you order from in the world, the printing will be done as close to you as possible! 

About the artist:

Hi there! Worship is the pseudonym I'm using for this new art adventure. I have been a long time professional illustrator working as a story-boarder for animation and advertising, a cover artist for fictional novels, a comic artist, a children’s and teenage book illustrator for some of the biggest selling authors and countless huge creative companies such as Disney, Marvel and Lego. I have released a How to draw Manga book (the only book in 10 years I was actually allowed to have a credit) for sale around the world but after over a decade working anonymously behind the scenes I'm finally using my imagination to create exclusive, original designs that I myself would love to wear.

I am a HUGE fan of Anime and the Manga that inspire them. Plus most things geek-related on TV and in movies like The Terminator, Robocop or The Thing. Specific interests include the 80's, gaming, skateboarding, Japanese and American street culture, punk counter-culture, the cyberpunk aesthetic and music from bands with HEART across many genres like Metal, Punk-Pop, Rock and Synth.

"The best of east and western illustration Collide in Worships unique and original designs."

Support:  https://instagram.com/worship.illustrator

For news on my upcoming graphic novel and random illustrations check out my Instagram page! I would sure appreciate your support across all platforms!

Thank you for taking an interest!

Always drawing...